Michael Reiley McDermott has created works for film, dance, stage, installation, smart phones, multi-speaker arrays, piano, wishing wells, electric gardens and dreamers. His practice explores the relationship between present moment awareness, deep time and humanity’s personal connection through listening. His work integrates meditation, Deep Listening and textured sound worlds through a process called “sonic photography”. This process involves site specific recordings of physical spaces re-imagined using photographic development and collage techniques. His aim is to reframe the everyday world as a infinite statement that stretches out in both directions of time and as an ephemeral instant of precious connection. Michael was Artist in Residence at fidget, Composer in Residence for Temple University’s BEEP Ensemble and is Composer in Residence at Village of the Arts and Humanities. Upcoming and recent residencies include: Ayatana (Ottawa, Canada), Casa Na Ilha (Ilhabela Brazil), Listhus (Ólafsfjördur, Iceland), Leibig12 (Berlin, Germany), Com Peung (Chiang Mai, Thailand), PECAH (Uttarkhand, India). He recently completed a certification program in Deep Listening studying with Deep Listening pioneer Pauline Oliveros.