Scott Ziegler is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and educator. Scott grew up in a small town north of Boston where he began as a bass player in several bands. Scott moved to Philadelphia in 2009 to pursue a degree in jazz studies at the University of the Arts, shortly after arriving in Philly started work on a mixtape that would eventually give birth to the band ILL DOOTS. After several tours and mixtapes ILL DOOTS began work in theater, under the direction of Joanna Settle, Scott served as musical director for An Octoroon at the Wilma Theatre, and Hands Up at Flashpoint Theatre Company which won the Barrymore Award for Best Original Music. In addition to work with ILL DOOTS, Scott produces music for other artists and mediums such as film, podcasts, and exhibits. Scott teaches songwriting/production at the Village of Arts and Humanities helping students to write and record original music.