ILL DOOTS is a tribe of creative individuals coming from different backgrounds and experiences unified by our belief in the power of music and its ability to be transformative. Featuring three vocalists (two emcees and one singer), two guitarists, a bassist, drummer, percussionist, as well as several other frequent collaborators, our 8+ piece band’s organic sound and raw vibe draws from those diverse backgrounds and skillsets while maintaining a shared musical consciousness.

Our collective consciousness also acknowledges two mantras in particular that inspire the I.L.L. of our band’s namesake: “I Love Living” & “I Love Learning”. It is our lifelong mission to change the way our communities respond to and value music, art, and life. We value education and thus see it as our mission as artists to make sure we give back to our communities by teaching what we know, facilitating safe, discovery-friendly spaces, and furthermore by being open to learning what the community has to teach us as well.