Every SPACES project is a journey of discovery and connection.

They have created efforts varied as a pop-up restaurant in a park to a co-op led by women in re-entry. And each one ignites moments of magic, inspiration and connection in our neighborhood.

We begin with gifts in our neighborhood: community members’ passion and skill in making films, music, food; our visions for transforming spaces; our experience in artwork and community building.

We begin with needs identified by community members: education, access to technology, civic engagement, re-entry services.

Then we invite artists with expertise in mentorship and relevant crafts and technologies to come build with us.

Each of our 8 artist-in-residence projects has been as creative and complex as our neighborhood. We hope you enjoy their stories.

Playback Musik: King Britt

King Britt worked with community musicians to create an album and radio show that gather, remix, and broadcast the voices and sounds of North Philadelphia around the world.
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